my school by:nandar dinata

My school is magnificent and large. from the outside, looks beautiful, my school much in demand by people to the country. like me, first time I was very interested smp remedy in here. because they say its good and learning sma pin tasty and exciting. because I heard that story added interest.
time went by me and my friends enroll in the school and at the time I was sad because the test passed the test just me and my friend and the other three did not pass, I’m sad that time.
after a few months or even several years I school. I felt the injustice school here, can say that the more clever clever added a stupid arrogant.
maybe if people see from the outside of my school and mega huge. but in school there are two classes one abused my class (lack of attention)
why is that?!!!!
because my class is bad, a lot of his burst, yet in ceramics, no electricity, not even you buy cables and thank God for the study can be used for learning.
I hope that the school would improve my classroom, so I added a nice school.
I’m sure it ……


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